Fundraising Tips


  1. Start a fundraising page on (click here for our how to guide) and customize it with your own story, pictures and videos.


  1. Send an email to all your friends, family and coworkers. Tell them what you are running for, what the projects are and how they can help by donating, joining, volunteering or spreading the word.


  1. Add the fundraising page link to all your social media such as Facebook (and tag friends so that there friends can see the post as well), Instagram and LinkedIn.  This will create exposure.


  1. Continuously send updates (by email, phone or in person) to your friends and family every week informing them of how much you have raised and any personal updates (like if you are training for the run and how your training is going), you can also include news about Palestine or the projects that we post.


  1. Start a Challenge or Give a Reward: Many RFP members of the past have created challenges to get people to pledge more in donations. Examples are: shaving a beard or dying hair if they hit $1000 or $2000; running an extra 1km for every 500 donations. People can egg their friends on by rewarding their highest donor with dinner, dying their hair pink for a day, or shaving their mustache – something fun 🙂  or even let their friends know they will run with a funny outfit or something ridiculous to motivate their friends to donate.  Good friends like to see their friends humiliated lol  Or they get to soak the runner with a bucket of water after the race? runners can post this on facebook etc.


  1. Product or Service for Charity: Members have also done well by making and selling a product or offering a service for money which they can collect and donate to RFP. Some examples are teaching drumming weekly for donations, teaching dance, or making cupcakes.


  1. Ask your work to match your donations: Runners that work for a corporation could ask their organization to match the funds they raise.


  1. Approach co-workers at lunch and let them know you are running for a great cause. Also leave a sign up sheet in the lunch/staff room for every dollar counts.


  1. Post frequently on social media about the projects the money is going to in order to create awareness – sharing links to videos such as Empower Gaza video or video of Burj el barajneh can be very helpful.


  1. Friends and significant others are a great source of support and can help by sharing posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.