How to start Fundraising

RfP is currently using the Chimp Foundation platform to collect donations and help our runners create running groups that can pool their donations together.

Create a fundraising page, and donate to this year’s campaign HERE.

Building A Fundraising Page


The following steps outline how to create a Fundraising Page using the Chimp Platform.

1.   Sign up for an account with CHIMP, our fundraising platform





















2. Click here to visit Toronto’s Fundraising Page and click ‘Start a Fundraising Page’














3. Now it’s time to create your page (in Chimp it’s called a Giving Group). Give your group a good name and a description.
Possible Descriptions
  • “To help provide Palestinian children from Gaza with psycho-social support in order to treat mental health problems.”
  • “To give Palestinian children a chance to live like the rest of us.”
  • “To help Run for Palestine raise $35,000 to provide essential psycho-social support for Gaza’s children.”
  • ‘I’ll run 5k on August 23 2017 if you help me raise $300 to to provide psycho-social support for Gaza’s children’

4. Now it’s time to customize your story and why you are running for Palestine.
























Ideas for Purpose:

  • ‘I want to help the Run for Palestine team raise $35,000 to provide essential psycho-social support for Gaza’s children. In 2014, Islamic Relief began a ten year intervention program to provide integrated psycho-social support for Gaza’s children, many of whom suffer from a myriad of psychological problems. The program is currently operating in its third year and working with 40 schools and 11 Community Based Organizations. Watch the video and donate!’
  • ‘The purpose of this group is to encourage me to run 5K. Help me raise $500 to provide Palestine’s children with psycho-social support, and I’ll run 5K!

Ideas for How to Help:

  • ‘Donate! Donate! Donate! Every little bit counts’
  • ‘Donate! Or click “Join My Group” and help me fundraise!’

Ideas for About the Organizers:

  • Run for Palestine is organizing its 9th annual run this year! Each year, Run for Palestine picks a project in Palestine to support. For more information, visit


5. Let’s add a Picture of you, a video and photo’s to your gallery, the more you add the more it will help you to fundraise.























6. Now set your personal fundraising goal and the goal date ( the date of the run: August 23 2017)















7. If this is the first time you sign up for a chimp account, there should be $10.00 in your account (it’s a gift from Chimp!). Click ‘Give to this Group’
















Congratulations! you just gave your first $10.00 to ‘The Recovering Well Being of Gaza Children’ Project!

9, Your page is now ready to start collecting donations! The next step is to share this page with your friends and family (via social media or email). On the right, you’ll see a box ‘Spread the Word’. Copy the URL and share it with everyone!




















Need some fundraising tips? Click here.