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Help us raise $30,000 for ‘The Recovering Well being
of Gaza’s Children’ initiative

Last year, YOU raised $25,000 for this very same initiative


Given the importance of a child’s mental health, Run for Palestine decided to 
support Islamic Relief’s (IR) ‘Recovering Wellbeing of Gaza’s Children’ initiative. 
IR began this ten year intervention program following the 2014 Israeli 
attack on Gaza. The program aims to provide integrated psycho-social support for
Gazan children, many of whom suffer from a myriad of psychological problems.
The program is currently operating in its fourth year and working with several schools and
community based organizations.


Let’s Work Together to Help Children Like Musa

Musa was 9 years old during the 2014 Gaza attacks. He was seeking refuge with his
family at a UNRWA school when it was targeted by the Israeli army at dawn. He witnessed
his brother Osama’s painful last moment. Since then, Musa has been dealing with
numerous psychological problems that no child should ever have to experience.

This is the reality that Gaza’s Children live in.

The trauma of that night forever changed the trajectory of Musa’s life.

Watch the video below to listen to his mom narrate his story.
Then help us provide mental help support to children like Musa

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