Recovering Well Being of Gaza’s Children

We’re pleased to announce that the Run for Palestine community raised


to provide psycho-social support to Gaza’s children.


Following the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza, Islamic Relief began a ten year intervention program to provide integrated psycho-social support for Gaza’s children, many of whom suffer from a myriad of psychological problems. The program is currently operating in its third year and working with 40 schools and 11 Community Based Organizations. 

Your Efforts Helped Children Like Musa
Musa was 9 years old during the 2014 Gaza attacks. He was seeking refuge with his family at a UNRWA school when it was targeted by the Israeli army at dawn. He watched his brother Osama die as he wiped the blood off his mothers face. 
This is the reality that Gaza’s children live in
The trauma of that night forever changed the trajectory of Musa’s life. 
Watch the video below to listen to his mom narrate his story. Then help us provide mental help support to children like Musa by clicking the ‘Donate’ button below.


Musa’s Story:

Musa was a 9 year old boy who was deeply affected by the 2014 bombing on Gaza. He was staying at an UNRWA school with his mother and siblings when Israel targeted them at dawn.

The trauma of that night forever changed the trajectory of Musa’s life. According to his mother Yasmine, prior to the 2014 attacks, he was a loving and obedient child. He was distinguished in school,  polite, and loved by the entire family. After the attacks, he became isolated and no longer enjoyed socializing. He would physically attack his brothers and cousins. He fell back in his studies and developed urinary incontinence. He would regularly make “annoying” noises around the house to make his mother consistently aware of his presence. 

However, being involved in The Recovering Well Being of Gaza Children project has really helped Musa. It also enabled his mother to learn how to better support and engage her children. With your generous support, the continuation of this project ensures children like Musa, who witnessed tremendous trauma, are able to get the help they need. Your support, sympathy, backing, and solidarity makes children in Gaza feel that they are not alone.



The psycho-social services provided through this ‘The Recovering Wellbeing of Gaza’s Children’ include:

Social activities:

These activities focus on building children’s social skills and attitudes, equipping them with collective values, and encouraging them to be active members in their community.

Educational Activities:

The educational activities aim to help children acquire the necessary skill set to adapt to their environment and realize their full potential.

Cultural Activities: 

These activities provide children with special capabilities and practices to increase their individual cultural awareness and knowledge.

Expression Activities:

Expression activities support children psychologically and allow them to express their emotions and thoughts appropriately in a way that will create a psychological balance between their real life and imagination.

Awareness Sessions:

Caregivers are given awareness sessions on different childhood-related issues such as child protection, children’s rights, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and dealing with children in stressful conditions. These sessions are expected to have a great impact on parents’ attitude towards their children and capability to deal with stressful events.