What is Run for Palestine?

Run for Palestine is a registered not-for-profit athletic organization founded in 2009. We are based in Toronto and have now successfully expanded to Waterloo and London. Our goal is to raise money for (CRA-approved) charities operating in Palestine and Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East. We also aim to raise awareness regarding issues surrounding Palestinians to Canadians. Finally, we hope to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Last year, Run for Palestine Toronto raised $24000 for various projects in the West Bank, Gaza and the camps in Beirut, Lebanon. This year, we hope to raise $35000 for ‘The Recovering Well Being of Gaza’ project..


Why do participants join?

Participants join Run for Palestine for three main reasons:

  1. To raise money for projects needed on the ground in the Middle East.
  2. To bring awareness and stand in solidarity with Palestinians.
  3. To compete in a 5 km run, trying to place in the top three.


What projects do we help?

In 2017, RFP Toronto will fundraise for Recovering well Being of Gaza Children. This project is managed by Islamic Relief Canada, which is a registered Canadian Charity. The project aims to provide integrated psycho-social support for the children in Gaza living in the areas which are highly exposed to conflict and suffer from psychological issues such as phobias, anxiety, behavioral difficulties, aggression, nightmares etc. This project covers 40 schools and 11 community based organizations.


Where are we now?

The numbers of attendees have grown consistently over the years, with 1200 attendees in 2016 for the Toronto event. In 2017, we project between 1500 to 2000 attendees.


How can you help?

Palestinians want to live in dignity like the rest of us. Run for Palestine is seeking your sponsorship as we reduce the operation costs. In doing so, more of the funds raised will go directly towards the charity project. This year, with your help, we aim to raise over $60,000 nationally; $35,000 in Toronto alone.


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